What My Clients Say

“For the first time in many years my legs are even lengths and my hip feels balanced.” -Pat N

“I’ve never been so relaxed in my life.” -Sue S

“I love the exercises you showed me. I feel like I’m standing taller. -Michelle T

“After many years of pain, I have finally found relief.” -Jennifer H

“After just two sessions, the burning sensation in my hip is no longer there.” -Mike S

“This work has improved my Lupus condition. My pH level is alkaline now and staying that way.” -Anna D

“The knee pain that I had before starting Bowenwork went away completely.” -Darlene R

“Just one session took care of my sciatica pain and I haven’t had a problem since.” -Alisha M

“I feel calmer inside and sleep better.” -Kara H

“The Bowenwork from Stefanie has straightened out my winged shoulders, and the sway in my my lower back has started to straighten out as well.” -Sandy S

“Just one short session resolved my baby’s colic “ Tammy G.

“ Bowenwork greatly improved my neck tension” Tim Y.

“ My hormonal issues improved and my digestion even calmed” Karen T.

“ Thank you for teaching me so many ways to improve my health” Steve H.